Our Vision

DELUSIONL YOUTH is a small aspiring street wear brand hoping to make a big impact in the underground scene. Our goal is to build a community of people who are trying to get them selves out there, and break their 9 - 5 to peruse something they really want to do. Delusionl Youth hosts small events showcasing underrated not-seen yet talent that are trying to make a break for it.

Our community is a group of likeminded people doing uncommon things, who are making their own way and don’t feel the need to live up to the expectations of society. Characterized as living for cheap thrills. We wanted to create a brand that encaptures the culture of the 'Delusionl Youth', this is the side of us that has creative visions and ideas which we dont persue due to limitations of everyday life. Living like the 'Delusionl Youth' is to live free from the creative restraints of the day to day challanges by pursuing your dreams.

All our designs are made here in Australia and inspired heavily by the surf and skate scene. Our designs are not just another graphic, each one has had loads of though and effort put into it, from specific coloring to the small details like our hand woven labels. We can truely say every item we sell is made with quality products from ethical suppliers. For environmental and human friendly reason, our products are only made when you order it. This is sustainable for our environment because we dont order in bulk which leaves us with minimal wasted materials and products.

In purchasing anything off our website, you are supporting a small Australian company.